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Red de asistencia

     If you or someone you know would like assistance in finding resources for therapy, contact with law enforcement agencies, or help in communicating with local and state social services,  please contact us and we will help you locate sources close to your area that will fit your specific personal needs.  It is our desire to connect you to the help you need so that you can begin your journey to healing and becoming all that you were meant to be.


All information will be kept strictly confidential.


Focus on the Family Christian Counselors Network -A network list by state and specialty of licensed mental health professionals in the state where he or she practices and provides therapy integrating the truth from a biblical perspective. 

Pychology Today  - Directory list for mental health professionals in your area able to provide help, specific to your personal needs.

Estamos en un viaje ...

Tenga paciencia con nosotros a medida que crecemos juntos en este proyecto. En el futuro, agregaremos recursos disponibles con redes adicionales para terapia y asesoría legal. Si necesita ayuda para localizar recursos, contáctenos y trabajaremos para obtener la ayuda que necesita. Si es un profesional calificado y desea agregar sus servicios o recursos profesionales a nuestra red, contáctenos.

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